Today's labor shortage is real...


Companies are finding it impossible to hire enough people to fill their open positions, affecting corporate profits and creating productivity issues. Kyana Packaging Solutions offers a wide range of packaging automation solutions that will solve your productivity and profitability issues. Working with our team of experts, we will listen to your problems, gain a thorough understanding, and make a targeted recommendation which will meet your expressed — and even unexpressed — needs. The result? Profits increase and labor shortages are erased.

Utilizing our iPAR ® Process, Kyana Packaging Solutions takes a holistic look at how the work gets done on your production floor. We align our observations with your company goals and offer ideas that will help you achieve these goals ahead of schedule. Kyana's recommendations address labor issues, sustainable packaging needs, changing customer profiles, and evolving market channels. We will ensure that the automation solution that you invest in will meet your needs, both today and tomorrow. We do not "upsell" our customers on equipment that they do not need. Rather, Kyana focuses on solutions that will keep you in production and maximize production line-up time. Our automation solutions enhance your brand, address operating costs, and will increase your financial results.

As you consider automation for your production line, it's important to keep a few concepts in mind:

  • What is the cost of your production/packaging line per hour?
  • What happens if you do not have enough labor to run production?
  • What level of automation are you comfortable with? In what areas?
  • How will your product be shipped and used by your customers?
  • Do you prefer single-line packaging automation or would you rather build redundancy into your packaging operations (as a safety valve)?
  • Kyana Packaging Solutions is aligned with many of the best automation partners, allowing us to offer you leading-edge technologies for your various customer segments. Our approach is highly collaborative, never losing sight of those things that are most important to your company.

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