Packaging Equipment

Choosing Packaging Equipment

Are you looking for an increase in productivity, safety, reducing operational costs, and an overall better package out the door? Kyana Packaging Solutions can help!

How a Case Sealer from Kyana can improve your process?

  • Secure & Consistent Seal
  • Portability & Flexibility
  • Transparent on Printed boxes vs. RGT & Staples
  • Ease of Application.
  • Operator / Customer Safety (vs. glue and staples).
  • Low Machine Maintenance (vs. Gluers & Staples)
  • Reduced Product Damage & Pilferage Due to Seal on Box
  • Reduced Floor Space Requirements
  • Competitive Material Costs & Increased Productivity
  • Variety of standard Machines Available
  • Strong distributor support (parts & service)
  • 3M-Matic 7000r Pro Random Case Sealer Video

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    Stretch Wrappers

    Have you ever asked yourself if hand stretch wrapping is the most cost effective, fast and safe way for your packaging applications?

    We can give you at least 5 reasons why it is not, and show you it’s time for a stretch wrapper:

  • Consistent and uniform application
  • Film Cost Savings
  • Consistent and reliable production output throughout the work day
  • Employee Safety
  • Reducing the potential of your pallet being damaged during transit
  • Predator XS Stretch Wrapper

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    Strapping Machines and Tools

    Kyana Packaging Solutions offers a complete line of automatic, manual, pneumatic, and battery powered hand tools for steel and plastic strapping. Our comprehensive range provides a tool for every type of user: from light industrial usage with low volumes to high output heavy industry.

    If your application calls for a 3/8” polypropylene strap, we have smaller, battery operated tools that will pull from 35-180 pounds; or if your needs require 1” or 1-1/4” polyester strap, we have a battery operated or pneumatic tools that can pull up to 1,575 pounds of tension with average seal strengths of 75%! Our industry leading manual and pneumatic tools for steel strapping provide the widest range of options in the industry to effectively and efficiently secure your toughest loads for shipping.

    No matter the industry or application, our sales specialists can recommend a machine or tool that is designed for the unique demands of your products.

    Samuel Strapping Systems' P702

    If you would like more information or want to see if you need an automatic stretch wrapper for your application please contact us here.

    See other Stretch Wrappers in action on our YouTube channel - just click here!

    Kyana Packaging Solutions carries a full line of Automatic and Semi-Automatic strapping machines for almost every industry.

    Our model range contains machines designed to strap almost any size or type of parcel in a variety of different configurations. We offer tabletop and side-seal machines in standard sizes for common applications. Almost all of our machines can be ordered with custom arches for unusual package size or photo eyes for full automation. A variety of options can be ordered for each machine to suit specialized applications.

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    Ergonomic Packaging Systems

    The Combi Ergopack™ System reduces or eliminates many physical or ergonomic stressors often associated with manually erecting then hand packing and sealing cases. The prescribed method of use “drag, guide, & drop” used with the Ergopack™ System allows significant reduction in ergonomic stresses including lifting, reaching, bending, twisting, griping and others. Specific examples of these ergonomic benefits of the Combi Ergopack™ System are detailed below:

  • Ergonomically designed, hands free case indexing system reduces reach and wrist movements
  • Lifting of products significantly reduced, resulting in fewer back injuries
  • Increase profits through increased productivity
  • ROI under 6 months, in many cases
  • EZ load case magazine requires no overhead lifting
  • Combi Ergonomic Packaging System

    Auto Bagging

    If your business bags more than one hundred items an hour, you should consider moving to Auto Bagging. Often, increased efficiency means greater profits. Auto bagging has a proven track record - let Kyana show you!

  • Increase in productivity
  • Lower material cost
  • Decrease in downtime
  • ROI under 6 months, in many cases
  • Overall Savings due to less labor
  • Rollbag R1275 Auto Bagger

    1075 Rollbag with Adjustable Funnel


    Kyana Packaging Solutions has been servicing packaging equipment for over 40 years. For more information about how the Kyana Service Department might help you, click here.