In 40 years, we've made a lot of client partners happy (and more profitable)

Here's what some of them have to say about Kyana Packaging Solutions!

Company Type: Plastic Extrusions Manufacturer in Southern Indiana

"We have been partners with Kyana Packaging Solutions for over 14 years. We choose to partner with Kyana because of the valuable knowledge they bring to the table. Just this year they were able to look at our processes and save us over $50,000 annually. Kyana is committed to improving our business by continuously introducing new technologies."

Mike F.

Company Type: Metal Fabrication Company in Louisville, KY

"Kyana Packaging Solutions has been a long time, trusted partner to our business. The team at Kyana supports us by providing excellent ideas on how we can improve our processes and reduce total costs in labor and material. Recently the Kyana team introduced a solution to eliminate a very costly, labor intensive crating process. They were able to eliminate the need for lumber and reduce labor significantly, saving us $10,000 annually just in this one project."

John J.

Company Type: Third Party Logistics in Central Kentucky

"Like many other companies out there, our organization was having a hard time finding skilled labor. There are various employees erecting corrugated cartons by hand, productivity is low, and it was hard to keep workers. Kyana Packaging Solutions was able to apply their iPAR ® Process and analyze the needs of our organization. Kyana provided an automated equipment solution which enabled us to reallocate full time employees and reduce the cost of turnover. The payback period for this equipment was nine (9) months with an 18% return on investment and annual labor savings of $270,400.00."

Rodney A.

Jeans Extrusion Co.

"As I remember it, it was June 1989. Mr Burl Jean and I were in his office discussing a problem we had at a major customer. This customer had called and complained that our product that had been applied to all of their production from the previous day, had fallen off and was lying on the floor when they arrived that morning. So we were literally talking about quickly finding a new adhesive supplier and getting our product re-extruded and delivered to our customer ASAP.

There was a knock on Mr Jeans' office door and through the window, we could see a red-headed salesman. We motioned him in so we could quickly dismiss him and get back to urgent matters. He had one question: “Do you all use any tapes?”

Seriously? We looked at each other and quickly pulled him in and closed the door. Long story short, that moment began a relationship with the great people at Kyana that has been an excellent fit for us and our production needs. The adhesive they suggested for that application was the perfect solution. Our customer was pleased with the solution and quick turnaround.

Now, all these years later, Kyana is a very important part of our ability to meet the needs of our customers. They usually know what we need before we do. I can’t imagine not having them as our supplier."

Vince Lewandowski, General Manager

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