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Do you need tape but are unsure what to type you need? Is your stretch film not containing your load? Try Kyana's Solutions center to find recommendations to your questions.

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Right size your box

Are you purchasing the correct box for your product? Try our right size your box calculator.

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Many companies use off the shelf packaging due to the implied savings. Sure, buying a bunch of stock 12 x 12 x 12 boxes is an easy and seemingly cost effective method of getting your items packed and shipped.

Consider this; if you are shipping items that 8 x 8 x 9 and they weigh 8 pounds, you are going to pay for 11 pounds of shipping due to dimensional weight of the 12 x 12 x 12 box. You might say, that is ok because we charge the customer shipping. Don't you think your customer would appreciate the savings of that shipping?

You should also consider the extra cost of the fill in the box needed to fill the void of a miss-matched box. You may say "Simple solution, stock multiple different size stock boxes.", and you would be correct! So where does the custom packaging solution come in? There are multiple custom solutions that can pay for themselves in many different ways. We will discuss some of them in this article.

Custom Boxes:

Ok, we have already discussed box sizes and realized the right size box can make a difference, but consider the advantages of getting custom boxes:

1. Dimensional Weight Pricing (DIM)

Almost all major freight carriers use DIM pricing to calculate the cost of ground shipments. DIM pricing is also known as cube weight or volumetric weight, this pricing policy penalizes

2. Right sizing your box makes financial sense

Having a box that is too large for your product require void fill so the internal product does not shift around and cause damage. The void fill is an extra cost and increases the environmental impact of your packaging.

3. Enhancing value perception among your end user

Custom boxes can create a positive impression on consumers at every step of the distribution chain. Well-designed and visually attractive boxes can provide valuable support for your branding efforts while increasing the perceived value of your products among those most likely to buy them in the future. This enhanced market position can also carry over into your retail displays. Improved shipment packaging can create a more positive impression on retailers. It is no surprise one of the largest online store uses custom boxes and tape when they ship, those boxes instill a confidence in the product within even though the company did not produce it.

4. Advertising at no extra cost

Custom boxes with your logo and designs carry a message to your most important target audiences, your current customers. When your box arrives, your customer knows what it is by just looking at the box.

5. Printed special instruction

Are your items Fragile, or do you have special instructions need with every package? Instead of the extra cost of a fragile label and the labor to have it applied, get preprinted boxes with what you need on them and save those "hidden" cost.

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Custom Tape:

Custom printed carton sealing tape is a great solution for both stock and custom boxes. Below are some advantages of using a custom printed tape. Custom printed tape is available in water activated and pressure sensitive.

1. Advertising

Custom tape with your company name, logo, web address, or anything you can dream of not only identifies that box to you customer that it is from you, but also anyone else that sees it.

2. Reduces theft or pilferage

Printed tape cannot be broken and resealed without detection and warns the receiver not to accept merchandise with a broken seal.

3. Reduces cost

Instead of keeping a large quantity and sizes of printed boxes, your custom tape can identify any package as your company's.

4. Identify

Use different custom tape to identify cartons for proper handling and storage.

5. Special instructions

Fragile, Glass, keep cold, open this end; any special instructions you require can be printed on your tape. You are going to tape the box closed anyway, so save cost on labels and the labor to put labels on and get a printed tape.

6. Create awareness and good will

Customers know you have done everything possible to protect the merchandise and identify the product. This creates a favorable impression and builds confidence in your company and product.

7. Do you ship items that can get damaged by a knife opening the package?

Have you had items returned because they were damaged when the package was opened or do you want to stand out with an innovative change. There are two solutions that are off the shelf solutions that will mitigate damage while opening a package. One is called Rip Cord and the other is a pre-perforated tape. Rip Cord tape is an ingenious packaging tape that has a small string running down the center that makes it simple for the receiver of the package to open, just pull the cord. Perforated tape has perforations running down the center line of the tape so the end user can easily open the package but the tape does not lose any of its adhesive properties. Both of these solutions come in stock or custom printed.

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Custom Labels:

Custom labels are probably the easiest and at times the most cost effective method of customizing your packaging.

Some advantages of Custom Labels:

1. One size fits all

The correctly sized label will fit on any box. We discussed earlier the advantages of custom printed and sized boxes and the savings you can get from them, but if stock boxes work for you adding a label that has your logo and message on it to every box adds that custom touch similar to a custom box and you only need one size label.

2. Special Messages

How many fragile labels have you seen and looked right passed (or any stock label). A custom label will catch people's eyes better and will more likely be followed. Almost any message can be placed on a custom label.

3. Custom Shapes

Almost any shape can be incorporated into a custom label. This will make your label stand out.

4. Fill in the blank label

Do you need to write lot numbers, expiration dates, or any special information on your material. A pre-printed label with areas to fill in that information looks more professional and consistent. Combine that with a "Just in Time" printer on your assembly line to speed your operations and lower mistakes.

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Custom Corner Board:

Now that you have gotten you end of line packaging customized to your specifications, how do you protect them in shipping? You cannot control the product once it leaves your facility so protect it as best as you can during shipment. Corner board will help protect your product from damage during shipping. A high percentage of damage happens during the loading and unloading of a truck, protect those boxes on the edges of a pallet with corner board. Add to your marketing message with custom corner board.

Some advantages of Custom Corner Board:

1. Advertising

Custom corner board is another way of raising your company's awareness.

2. Be proud of where you produce your products

Custom but without the custom price. The LibertyLine has 2 choices of pre-printed messages with the Statue of Liberty on them; "Grown with Pride in America", "Made with Pride in America".

3. Custom Messages

"Do not Double Stack", "Cut here" to give your customers clear instructions on where to cut the stretch film. Any message you need printed can be done.

4. Identify

IdentiBoard® features a bold vertical stripe that makes it easy to color-code pallets by SKU, VBoard grade or other designation, significantly speeding up the inventory process. It also can be used to ensure that workers use the correct size edge protector for a specific product.

5. Strength

Do you have items that cannot be double stacked or need to be crated before shipping. Think about using the SureCrate Custom Solution. The SURECrate™ Custom Solution is a comprehensive, turnkey alternative that offers a lower total cost solution to packaging and shipping large or irregular- shaped products. It's ideal for any heavy or hard-to-box items and is a superior choice to wood crating.

6. Goodwill

Using corner board shows your customer you are concerned about the products they have purchased and you want it to arrive in as good a condition as it when it came off the line.

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Custom Packing slip envelopes:

You now have a completely customized packaging solution that is well protected and proudly displays your company's logo and message, not to mention any special instructions needed. The final step that is overlooked by many is the packaging list envelope.

Some advantages of Custom Labels:

1. Advertising

The more you get your name and logo out, the more it becomes recognizable.

2. Custom messages

"Inspect first", add a "Thank you" message (the little things matter). Any message you need to convey is possible.

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In conclusion, first impressions matter.

  • Custom packaging in the first tactile experience for a customer
  • First impressions form within 100 milliseconds, and often remain intact even when contradicted by factual information.
  • Since 2010, the number of "unboxing" videos on YouTube has risen 871%.
  • In 2013 alone, 6.5 years' worth of "unboxing" videos were uploaded to YouTube. Think about the exposure that can give your products if you have your message prominently displayed on the packaging.

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